Air Canada Website Redesign

This proposal for a redesign of the Air Canada website was approached with responsive design and accessibility in mind.

The goal was to redefine the customer experience, creating a traveller-friendly portal.

AC Home design
AC iPadAC iPhone

MYBell App

Mockups for a proposed cross-platform MyBell app.

My Bell - LoginMy Bell - Fab
My Bell - Usage

Fitness Tracker Concept

A configurable fitness tracker that follows you across platforms. Designed for quick-glance ease of use.

Medavie tablet
Medavie Desktop
Medavie Mobile

Air Canada Vacations iPad Concept

This concept for an Air Canada Vacations iPad app was developed in 2010, shortly after the iPad was introduced.

Medavie tablet
Medavie Desktop
Medavie Mobile

Tim Hortons App refresh

The goal of this refresh was to bring the TimmyMe app up-to-date, with a more modern visual design and a unified tablet layout.

Timmy Me iPad
TimmyMe iPhone app - red TimmyMe iPhone app - double double TimmyMe iPhone app - dark

IBM Customer Journeys

These high-level journey maps were presented to potential customers to help IBM communicate their solutions in an easily-digestible format. I also had a lot of fun creating the icons.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey Icons
Customer Journey
Customer Journey
Customer Journey

IBM Bank of the Future

What will your banking experience look like in the future? These UI designs and presentation slides envision a world where your bank is available to you wherever and whenever you need it.

Bank of the Future login

Bank of the Future apps
Bank of the Future overview
Bank of the Future map
Bank of the Future tablet

Maple leaf sports and entertainment – Buddy hub concept

You're attending a Raptors Game with a group of friends. What can an app do to make the experience better? Be your ticket, save you money, find a good parking spot, and find your car at the end of the game.

More importantly, where are the shortest beer lines?

MLSE app

ING Direct Mockups

These mockups were part of an exercise to bring the ING banking app to tablets.

ING app
ING app
ACT Home design

ACT Foundation Redesign

The ACT Foundation trains thousands of students in CPR every year, but their website was outdated and hard to use. This redesign started as a visioning workshop to help define their needs. The end result is a website that works well for the core audiences and for the foundation.

ACT Home design